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Tandoori Junction - New and good

Today being Eid i decided to order from some place good and Tandoori Junction randomly came up on the Zomato searches. Read some bloggers comments and pretty convinced food is good, i decided to order. It was a long shot as the restaurant is in JLT totally far from where I stay. However on calling them and telling them I am a blogger, they were kind enough to offer to deliver despite the distance.

The order arrived pretty much on the promised time or infact a bit earlier than that. The packing was perfect and the food inside was immaculate. Kudos to the team for bringing it this far without any damage or shakes.

Now to go on to the food. I ordered murgh malai tikka and tandoori prawns in starters. Both were tantalizing to say the least. I didnt expect his quality honestly and I was tad surprised. In curries i ordered butter chicken which was really creamy and as good as i would have expected it to be. This along with nice butter naan sealed the dinner deal for me.

I am highly satisfi…

Socialicious - Socializing with the company of great food

So, finally I got to visit a restaurant after a long long time. Three months of waiting and I was finally sitting and enjoying a great array of food at Socialicious along with my blogger buddies Suren and Karishma.

Socialicious had been on my radar for a year now and never really got around to visiting firstly due to the distance from where I live and secondly due to my random travel schedules last year. It felt good to finally visit after a three month self isolation.

So, we started off with some tantalizing starters. We started with the below in the same order

Burnt garlic soup  - A different variety of soup. Loved it.

Teriyaki chicken bao - yummy to say the least

Prawn tempura - delicious and to the point
Crispy karaage Tori - really loved this dish
Socialicious nacho's ( creamy avocado nacho's) - never tried before and love at first try.

Raw mango papaya salad - typical thai style salad. Loved it.

Salmon bulgogi
Ayam Capitan
Grilled Cream dory


WoksnWraps - East Asian Food In Al Qusais

I have an occasional craving for east asian food and when I do, i most often than not budge to the craving and hit straight to my favourite joints that serve this food.

Now with covid lockdown being a reality, I decided to check out some options in my own locality which would serve the food of my choice but quickly, cost effectively and while maintaining freshness as good as eating directly from the restaurant.

I saw WoksnWraps reviews on Zomato and it was quite convincing for me to pick up the phone and order from there. 
So i went for Chicken fingers with Honey Sirracha dip and Crispy Schezuan chicken in starters. Then chicken corn soup, chicken katsu wrap and General Tso's chicken.
I must really appreciate the taste from this restaurant which is new. For the first time trying this place but definitely impressed me beyond measure.  The soup was bubbling hot and filled with all the goodness that would set my afternoon right. The chicken fingers were a joy to have for a starter a…

Acai Nation - Paving way for a healthy lifestyle

After a well-deserved break from hardcore food blogging, I thought my re entry to the space after this covidious situation and lockdown is through a healthy and inspiring way. Lockdown has taught us many things and one most important thing is - health is wealth and it comes first for only if you have health can you achieve anything in life.

So saying, I kicked off a new season of food blogging with a review of Acai Nation.  The brand is relatively new and is an inspired entity here to offer a healthy dining option for Dubai's wellness conscious populace. 
What i ordered I ordered a medium mix berry acai bowl and an acai smoothie.
The mixed berry Asai bowl had original Acai blended with banana, topped with strawberry slices, blueberry and granola. It came very well packed and neatly arranged even for a take away which really appealed to me. The taste was remarkable.  Acai smoothie was one of the best I tried in recent times.
Overall a great experience and I would definitely be ord…

Mumbai Social - Mumbai taste in every bite

Mumbai Social is the latest bombay style restaurant to launch in Dubai. It is located in Karama and has a very elaborate and fine array of north indian and mumbai dishes.  We recently ordered from here from a friends house and had the food delivered to us on time, in very good and neat packaging and taste and freshness intact.

What we ordered?

We ordered Pav bhaji, Veg kababs, Veg Tawa masala, Naan and Paneer makhani.

The Veg kebab was the first thing we tried in starters and we really appreciated the taste and softness. Then we moved on to trying Pav Bhaji which had the original chowpatty taste. The pav was so fresh and soft that it melted in the mouth and the Bhaji was probably one of the best i've tried.

Veg tawa masala was a delicious dish that went well with the butter naan and so was the paneer makahani. In fact every single dish we ordered impressed us.

The prices were really reasonable for the quality and they have a great variety of dishes. Mumbai social is a must try re…

Desi Junction : Latest Indian cuisine restaurant in Karama

Desi Junction is a very new restaurant located in Karama, Dubai.  Firstly Kudos for their courage in opening a restaurant at a time when others are shutting doors. So this itself says something. Yes, their courage to open at this covidious times shows that they are very confident about what they are doing.

And it shows. The other day, I had an opportunity to order and try out various dishes from this new restaurant and was I impressed! Truth be told i was more than impressed by the quality, taste, promptness of delivery and pricing.

So I ordered Kala Ghatta in drinks which was not only refreshing but so very delicious. For starters I ordered a chat item which is Sev Puri. It came with six pieces. Was refreshing in taste.

In mains I ordered Bun Kheema Cheese, Bombay Pao Bhaji, Butter Chicken curry, and Tawa Chicken Boti.

Bun kheema cheese was a tad salty for my liking but if it was slightly less salty, it would have been even more amazing but full points for this dish.

Butter Chicken …