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Simply South : South Indian Food Extravaganza at Zafran Indian Bistro

So you think South Indian food is just Idli Vada Sambhar?  Think again!

There is a common perception or rather a misconception that South Indian food is all vegetarian with Idlis, Vada, Dosas and Sambhar being the primary food of the region. On the contrary South Indian food is as diverse and unique as fare from any other part of India and has a lot more to offer than what is commonly perceived.

South Indians in UAE
More than half of the expat Indian population in UAE come from the southern part of India. In fact the first wave of entrepreneurial Indian immigrants in UAE were originally from the state of Kerala in the south. Yet the cuisine from this region is grossly underrepresented in UAE.

Multifarious cooking styles
The region is vast and so are the flavors, cuisines and preparation styles. In Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Telangana, for instance, one could see an amalgam of Mughal, Turkish, and Arabic cuisine influences. The term “Hyderabadi cuisine” itself usually refers …

Bombay To Mumbai Cafe Now Open at Marco Polo Hotel, Deira

I was recently invited to attend the launch party of Bombay To Mumbai Cafe at Marco Polo Hotel.

What used to be a fine dining restaurant has now been remodeled into a cafe with a  refreshed menu designed keeping in mind the tastes of the local as well as expat crowd of the city to the quirky yet chic interiors of the café and bar concept.

Inspired by the old Bollywood appeal of the city of dreams, Mumbai, the café and bar offers a choice of delectable desserts, dinner meals and drinks that are sure to add zing to every meal. Enjoy live music every day of the week, with a three-piece band during the weekends alongside some truly desi soft and hard drinks with a zang of contemporary flavor.

Commenting about the total rebrand of The Bombay,Harish Pilar, General Manager, Marco Polo Hotel, said “We are excited for this new endeavor at the Marco Polo Hotel, Deira. The Bombay had always been a traditional Indian restaurant with an appeal starkly contrasting the new Bombay To Mumbai Café, wh…

Bombay Brasserie : Unmistakably Taj, Undoubtedly Dubai’s Best Indian Fine Dining Restaurant

My first visit to Bombay Brasserie – Taj Hotel’s Signature Indian restaurant was in 2017.  I was with a media entourage attending a party thrown there by the Taiwan Ministry of Tourism.  I still vividly remember the evening of amazing fun, food and entertainment. Service and fare part really stood out as most remarkable that day and one which was appreciated by all guests.
When an opportunity came by recently to try their a la carte and do a full fledged review, I put that on the top priority in my review calendar.

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Bombay Brasserie is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s top Indian restaurants to experience the real Indian hospitality and food culture and relish some of the best culinary treats from the subcontinent.  As the restaurants official web-page rightly states “Bombay Brasserie is a tryst between classic …

Benjarong Dubai, Experience Thai Hospitality at its best

Dusit Thani hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road is arguably one of the tallest standing epitomes of Thai hospitality in this country – quite literally! Even the very structure of the hotel which has been fashioned like a “wai” – a widely used Thai gesture is symbolic of the hospitality and respectfulness of the Thai people.

I was lucky to experience Thai hospitality at its finest at Benjarong during a recent visit. The award-winning signature restaurant impressed beyond words with its regal splendor, lip-smacking cuisine, and needless to say – truly remarkable and outstanding service.


Benjarong means 'five colors' in Thai and actually denotes a kind of highly prized Thai porcelain used in Royal households of Thailand. The carefully painted Benjarong ceramic wears the grace of Thai culture through each carefully placed brushstroke. A striking similarity of this accent is evident on the wooden faux pillars at Benjarong Restaurant.

Offering the most gorgeous views of the Dubai sk…

Moombai & Co launches ‘Footprints of India’ Friday brunch

Moombai & Co Café and Bar has launched its Friday Brunch titled ‘Footprints of India’. This brunch session tells the story of the Indian subcontinent through its various decadent delights handpicked by the chefs at the Irani-Parsi café. I was fortunate to be there today along with fellow bloggers from Dubai to try their Friday brunch. It was absolute fun and we were totally impressed by the food, service and ambiance. 

Just a hop away from the World trade center metro station at the H Hotel, Moombai & Co is a casual and vibrant Parsi-Iranian gastrobar bringing the Authentic Indian Cusine and Parsi cafe culture to life in the heart of Dubai. With emphasis on its nostalgic cuisine, eclectic cocktails, quirky character, and bustling ambiance, Moombai & Co is a spirited and upbeat local hangout - a place to drop in without thinking twice.
Footprints of India Brunch
We bagan our indulgence with Dilli Ki Aloo Tikki, crispy potato patties from India’s Capital, Delhi. Jhodpur ki Pyaz…

Piadèra – Authentic Italian Flatbread Restaurant in Dubai

One can never really tire of good food, especially if the food in question is one that has conquered taste buds around the globe. Despite a full week of back-to-back reviewing Italian restaurants across town, when I got an invite to review Piadera - the Authentic Italian Flat Bread restaurant in Dubai, I gladly accepted it.

Who can say no to Italian food?! With its zesty tomato sauces, cheesy risottos, and the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is arguably among the most crowd-pleasing comfort food in the world.

The brand history
It all started on the coast of the Romagna Riviera of Italy, where a beautiful young lady by name Norina was vigorously crafting the piada flatbread dough by hand. Struck by her sight, a foreigner called her “piadera”, the femmine and dialect name for a piada maker.  Today Piadera is a global brand, known widely for its authentic Italian flatbread and exported all over the world as a light and quick alternative to a sandwich and pizza.

The Piada Flatbread
The …