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The Season's Best Delicacies at Soho Grill, World Trade Centre

Just next door to World Trade Centre you can find a couple of good restaurants and Soho  Grill is the one of the best among them. We were impressed beyond words with the food, service, ambiance and the over-all experience that we decided to go there again.

The Food
For starters we ordered a sharing platter which included TNT Shrimps, Soho wings, Fried mac and cheese, corn on cob and their signature dips. We also tried their Quinoa salad which was garden fresh and scrumptious.

The Soho wings looked tempting and being my all-time favorite dish, that’s the first thing I dug my fork into. It tasted as amazing as it looked. The TNT shrimps were succulent and luscious. It came layered in a very delicate coating of sticky Korean sauce.

Fried mac and cheese preserved all the ‘cheesy’ goodness inside while having the perfect crunchiness outside. It was absolute delight in every bite.Finally chargrilled corn on cob was super soft and tasty.  It was layered with generous amounts of Mexican feta …

German Doner Kebab (Dubai Marina)– Inspiring a 'healthy’ kebab revolution in Dubai, and Worldover

This week I was at the German Doner Kebab outlet in Dubai Marina with a few fellow food bloggers from Dubai. I had the opportunity to finally taste the delicacy considered the big daddy of the Arab shawarma, the Greek gyros, and the Mexican al pastor. Yes - the famous Doner Kebab!
Did you know? Did you know the word "Shawarma" is the Arabic pronunciation of the Turkish word "Çevirme" (First letter is Turkish and pronounced as "ch". Since Arabic does not have that letter, they pronounce it as "sh". Similarly, the closest pronunciation of the word Çevirme becomes Shawarma with the other Arabic letters). Çevirme is another Turkish word with a similar meaning, "to turn" symbolizing the method of cooking - meat turning slowly on the rotisserie.  A bit of Doner Kebab History
Originally a Turkish import into Germany, the Doner Kebab - named after the Turkish word "dondurmek" meaning rotating roast, has grown to capture a speci…

DXB Grill ; A Tasty Addition to the Dubai Dining Scene

The UAE’s love for grilled food is a well-known, evident from the rising numbers of rotisseries and grills springing up across town every other week. This is aside from the gazillion Shawarma shacks spread around town. With such healthy competition around, there has never been a dearth of choices in terms of grill houses in Dubai.

While Garhoud may not be a neighborhood generally known as a foodies stopover, there are a few promising restaurants that might well change the geography of the dining scene in Dubai. Millennium Hotel’s DXB Grill is one such place. A relative new comer in the rotisserie scene in Dubai, DXB grill has a lot to offer in terms of variety, value, taste and overall offering.

Me and my dining partner who are generally not fans of hotel’s restaurants were invited by the luxe Millennium Airport hotel to review DXB Grill. The invitation came just around Christmas time so we took it. And thanks to that, we were treated to some of the best culinary treats of the season…

Beatbox Dubai – Burgers, Shakes, Beats & Good Vibes

If you ever end up in the Deira side of town and crave for some burger, here’s an interesting place to check out.  A music-themed Burger joint, Beatbox Cafe offers a lot more than just burgers. Situated near Baniyas Metro station along the busy Naif Street, Beatbox offers a delicious array of of subs, wraps, sliders, shakes and cold coffee. Relatively new, the cafe is already attracting a loyal (and hungry) bunch of burger-loving followers.

In the world of burgers there are a thousand different brands in the market place. A few giants like MCD's and Burger King stand out with their mega-marketing budgets. Some newcomers like Beatbox stand out with their brand personality, service and product offering.

The Beatbox branding is cool and catchy with striking yellow and black color. Because of this, the cafe stands out from the neighboring shops and hard to miss, if you are in that street.
The dining area is quite small inside, but they make up for it with additional seating a…

Hakkasan – A Contemporary Take on Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

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Hakkasan is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s fanciest restaurants and arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants in the whole of UAE. Thanks to the incredibly high standards it has set, Hakkasan is often bench-marked as a restaurant-to-compare pitted against new comers and other contenders in the category.

So, needless to say - when we got an invitation to visit Hakkasan for a review, we grabbed the opportunity.

A restaurant that has consistently won accolades and honors since its launch, Hakkasan lives up to its prestigious ranking by offering exquisite food, remarkable milieu and supreme levels of service, much like its counterparts in other countries. Flaunting a fantastic selection of exotic Cantonese dishes and an extensive line-up of spirits and world-class cigars, Hakkasan leads the list of top luxury…