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Jasmint JLT, A taste of China in Dubai

China's food scene is as interesting and varied as the country itself. While chinese food is grossly underrated. All that people think of when you say chinese cuisine is Wantons and noodles. Well, Jasmint restaurant yearns to change that perception by offering a very varied menu of some delicious offering from all regions of China.

A very simply yet cozy setting by the artificial lake offering a fantastic gamut of tantalizing chinese fare. We visited with a group of friends last month when the weather was still very pleasant and had an enjoyable time.

Below are some of the dishes we tried.

Chicken celery Spicy dumplings - 
Prawn jumbo dumplings - 
Miso soup  
Panna Pineapple salad 
Sichuan Wonton  
Tender tofu grill 
Karwa-Kapo mushroom grill  
Padthai - prawn 
Sichuan spicy Splash pot 
Ripple jelly bowl 

All the dishes were very delicious and of stand out quality and taste. Highly recommend this place for modern interpretation of traditional chinese cuisine. There's variety, there…

Malabar Makhan - Serving Malabari specialties in Qusais

Last saturday happened to attend a bloggers gig at Malabar Makhan and had an opportunity to try some of their speciality malabari dishes, that have been talked about in the bloggers circle.

We started off with a shot of their welcome drink before we were served with the starters Tawa Fish and Chicken Skewers. The Tawa fish was fresh, spicy and flavorful and we enjoyed it much. Chicken skewers could have been better but still not that bad. We shared the feedback with the team who gladly arranged for the chef to meet us and take note of the suggestions with a serious intention to change it for the better. Hi Five for that.

In the Mains we had Kud Kachi, Beef Varattu, Kariku Prawns and Kadal Kootu.  I have to remark specially on the Beef Varattu - one of the top dishes I liked from their menu and one they make remarkably well. Definitely need to try it with their super soft and tasty kerala parotta - an insane combination. As for the rest of the curries, they were good. I enjoyed the Ka…