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Experience A True Taste Of Ramadan At Al Qasr’s Khaymat Al Bahar

Khaymat Al Bahar, the authentic family-style Lebanese dining destination at Jumeirah Al Qasr, is embracing the spirit of Ramadan with a bespoke beach-side setting Iftar experience that aims to give back to the community through a partnership with Dubai-based Al Jalila Foundation.
Curated by the newly-appointed Head Chef Ali Fouad - the award-winning chef behind Al Nafoorah, which was named Best Lebanese Restaurant in 2016, 2017 and 2018 - the all-new Iftar buffet promis
es diners an authentic Lebanese Iftar experience, with a percentage of each booking pledged to the charity’s ‘basma’ Ramadan initiative.

Chef Ali’s inspiring spread of cuisine, which hails from across the Middle East, India, Asia and Europe, connects different traditions and cuisines in one impressive setting. Guests can break their fast with a selection of drinks including Butter Milk, Jallab and Kamar El Din served alongside dates, apricots and figs, followed by a selection of hearty soups and traditional mezze serve…

Pan of Paella and a jug of Sangria for Dhs.120 at The Fish House

Start the weekend with family and friends and a large helping of Spanish home-cooking.
Paella - a simple yet vibrant and nourishing dish made from slow cooked rice, seafood and meat is perfect for sharing, and now The Fish House is offering an evening to remember with two choices of Paella, a traditional Spanish drink and acoustic and modern music set along the lovely promenade.
With two pans available, chicken, white fish and beef chorizo or prawn, fish, mussels and clams, these dishes are sure to keep you wanting more.

A pan of paella and a jug of sangria costs AED 120 per person are best served with a range of mouth-watering tapas sides ranging from between AED 25 and AED 35 per side. Diners can choose from a range of classic Spanish cuisine including Pan con Tomate Grilled bread with garlic oil, tomato pulp and basil, Gambas al ajillo Prawns in garlic chilli and Croquetas de queso Roquefort blue cheese croquettes.

The Fish House prides itself on attention to detail and resident Ch…

Anise at Dubai Festival City creates a new ‘Taste of the World’ brunch

Anise at Dubai, Festival City has unveiled a brand new international, sensory stirring menu. The immersive 'chef-to-diner' experience restaurant is enticing guests with an indulgent menu with dishes uniquely prepared by the kitchen, or from any of the eight live international cooking stations within the restaurant.

The delectable ‘Taste of The World’ brunch menu offers an impressive array of foods ranging from, a seafood on ice carving through to a handpicked selection of French Mons cheeses all the way to Nitrogen ice-cream. The wide variety and authentic preparation techniques ensure a delightful experience topped off with undisturbed views overlooking the scenic Dubai Creek and Festival Marina.

The impeccably thought out new menu and truly unique restaurant design places the customer inside the kitchen, and when the action starts spectators can witness grilling, roasting, steaming, boiling, baking, frying, tossing and pouring – the ‘core elements’ of cooking. Diners are enc…

Milas ; Crafting the language of Emirati cuisine in the national capital

Emirati restaurant Milas, recently rebranded as ANA is definitely one of Dubai's top Emirati restaurant for local cuisine. Its usually my go to place when a craving for some very authentic and local flavours hits.  I recently discovered that they have few branches in Abu Dhabi too. So when I was there recently for some errands at Dalma mall, I decided to check the place out.
I was with a dear friend who also greatly appreciated arabic / middle eastern food so we felt it was a good choice. And to be honest Milas didn't dissapoint. The level of service, quality of food, and taste was quite in sync with the Milas outlet I tried in Dubai Mall. The staff seemed a tad too friendly and hospitable. Milieu was pretty decent.  The walls had a life size grafiti of his highness shiekh zayed.  What we had. We started off with fresh strawberry juice. The taste was fresh and good.  After a while, we ordered mushroom soup. Milas Dubai is my ever favourite spot to try mushroom soup as the tast…

Poke & Co - the indisputable leader of poke bowls in UAE

Every once in a while, when guilt dominates and craving for something natural and healthy strikes, I end up in one or the other Poke outlets in Dubai to have a bowlful of goodness to rest my guilt inducing demons.

Yes, that's the life of a food blogger in Dubai. Wine and cheese as dinner on one night, italian the other, then mexican, chinese, throw in some new indian brand... with so much of different types of food going into the belly, its important sometimes to strike a balance.

And so today I invited a friend and her teenage daughter over lunch. Not the traditional lunch but a healthy lunch at Poke & Co. Being new to Poke, they both were definitely excited and ever eager to see what is in store. And enjoy - they definitely did!

The place was super busy and we could see over a dozen delivery boys.. right form the deliveroo to the uber eats, zomato and talabats lining up to pick up their clients orders. Despite this busy hour, the staff were super quick and nice and took car…

Chicken Cottage - Yummilicious chicken brand from UK now here in Dubai

At Chicken Cottage, as its slogan aptly puts it - its all about the taste! And the brand aptly lived up to its promise. A franchise brand from the UK, Chicken Cottage is here as a well break from the regular fast food chicken concepts. Their menu is exhaustive and there are umpteen options to enjoy chicken - grilled or fried.

I went there with a friend who is also a Chicken lover and we both enjoyed the offerings at Chicken Cottage.  We started off with some yummilicious milk shakes. I went for Peanut butter milkshake while my dining companions teenage daughter chose Smarties shake.  Every sip of it was bliss and we couldn't get enough of CC's delicious ice cream shakes. Yes, all their shakes are made of pure ice cream. They also have lotus, oreo and M&M milkshake.

In appetizers we had crispy BBQ wings which were finger licking good. One of the best we've tried in recent times. The spice factor was to the point, and that is what made it taste so good.

In the mains, I …