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Sagar Ratna Restaurant - Authentically Rajastani, Purely Vegetarian!

Finally we found a Rajastani restaurant in Dubai for authentic Rajastani cuisine. Sagar Ratna restaurant situated in Oud Medha very close to the Lamcy Plaza is a great new place to try out pure vegetarian food that is true to Rajastani taste.
The whole place resonates with a characteristically Jodphuri vibe with violet and white colors predominant in the walls and furniture. In fact, the entire décor has been specially and carefully fashioned around these two colors to reflect what they are – Typical Jodhpuri – Rajastani restaurant.

More than 70% of Rajasthan is vegetarian, which makes it the most vegetarian state in India. Needless to say, their expertise in vegetarian food is very well established. You can get a feel of this at Sagar Ratna restaurant where everything from the snack to the curries are very well prepared in line with their tradition.
What we had?
We started our indulgence with a shot of Makhaniya Lassi which is nothing but sweetened buttermilk garnished with saffron an…

Catching the Sushi Train at ITSU Sushi, Dubai Marina

Trotting down the Marina Walk area, we chanced to pass ITSU sushi. The name itself was intriguing and it had been long since we had sushi, so we hopped in.

Going in and seeing the various choices on display, it became very difficult to decide which to go for- everything looked so fresh and appetizing! So, after a bit of deliberation, eventually, we decided on a couple of salads and mojito to start off and finally ended up ordering a full plate ITSU Special Sushi platter with 36 pieces of lip-smacking sushi.

The Drinks
In juices we had Passion fruit and Mango mojito. Both were very sweet to our liking but for those who like their drink extra sugary, this is just perfect.

For salads we picked Kani salad and Itsu salad.

Kani Salad : a fresh and delightful melange of shredded cucumber, lettuce, Japanese mayo, Tobikko, mango and edamame.

Itsu Salad
A special savory and creamy seafood salad comprising of a mix seafood cube cut, mango, cucumber, edamame, tobikko and japanese mayo on a base of …

Malolo's Poke - Freshness in each and every single bite

The UAE weather is so annoyingly arid off late, it takes bit of an effort to motivate oneself to go outdoors, even if it is - just to the neighborhood grocery store. Yesterday was one such day.
The hunger inside played pangs, nevertheless.  But the desire to stay indoors (and watch FIFA ) overpowered the desire to venture out in search of dinner. In a city like Dubai, where the delivery system is exceptional, the distance between ones favorite food and hunger, is all but a zomato order, away.

I was feeling rather Pokeish yesterday, so to say! Needless to mention, I couldn’t have opted for anything else, than a bowl of poke, which meant less trouble washing any dishes, and more time lying on the couch and enjoying the game.
Poke Hawaiian poke is a trendy fresh bowl traditionally topped with fresh fish and lots of fun toppings, like fresh veggies, avocado, seaweed and even chips. Poke bowls are popping up everywhere in the UAE and it’s easy to see why; it’s a healthy and quick meal fil…

Mighty Quinn's: BBQ Cooked the Old School Way

When one of New York’s best barbeque chain made its way to Dubai earlier this year, BBQ lovers a.k.a meat connoisseurs here rejoiced. Well-known for their old school barbeque cooking using smoke and time, Mighty Quinn's is an extremely popular fast casual concept serving delicious and wholesome smoked meat and BBQ. 
The brand prides itself in using only the finest ingredients and cooking with wood and time- the old school way – which grounds one to the basic elements of making great food.  What separates Mighty Quinn’s from all the regular barbecue joints is their focus on every part of the menu, from the side dishes down to the drinks. Of course, their meats are still the main attraction.

Our visit was recently invited to review the newest outlet of Mighty Quinn’s in the Dubai Mall and the team indeed had a wonderful time.
The Menu The menu is pretty straightforward and I liked that there are only a few items to choose from. Just glimpsing through once, I was able …

The Cafe with a breathtaking view - Third Avenue Cafe, Dubai Mall

While the soaring mercury is keeping off Al fresco diners from many outdoor indulgences this summer, a few places continue to entice the crowd notwithstanding the ups and downs in the tempo.
One such place is Third Avenue Café in Dubai Mall - a stunning cafe facing the gorgeous waterfront promenade and the Dubai Fountain. Besides the breathtaking views, another compelling reason why many people, including me, go there is the fabulous array of international and regional cuisine that's on offer there.

Being one of Fashion Avenue levels most popular Café’s - Third Avenue Cafe seems to be a promising F&B offering for those ardent foodies that love to indulge in great fare, enjoy good service and elevate their dining experience with unmatched views of the inspiring Dubai Fountain.

I spoke to Mohammed - the outlet manager. Below are clips of his interview with

Our Visit
We started off with a refreshing glass of carrot juice. It was as fresh as we would have loved …

Bored of regular ice cream? Try Kulfis with a twist at Kulfi House

Kulfi House – A Review

If you were to ask any UAE resident of Indian origin weather they like Kulfi, you will almost always hear a resounding “YES”, and there are all chances that you’ll witness a host of other animated expressions! Kulfi lovers are a cult. Known as the official ice cream of India, it is perhaps one of the greatest desserts of all time – loved by people of all ages across the Indian Sub-continent. And thanks to the mighty Indian population in the Middle East – it is now gaining popularity across the region too – evident from the Kulfi boutiques sprouting up in different parts of UAE. Kulfi House is one of the newest entrants in the Indian frozen dessert segment in UAE. With the increasing demand for cold desserts – thanks to the rising mercury levels and the all-time love for everything sweet in this country – the brand’s entry in Dubai seems to be at the right place and at the right time. Kulfi House – a south Indian brand started off in Chennai but is now spread acr…

Long Teng Seafood Restaurant – Authentically Cantonese!

Long Teng Seafood Restaurant – A Review For those die hard fans of Chinese food, particularly Cantonese Cuisine, here’s one impressive restaurant that I recently visited, which I hope will inspire you to visit – after reading through this review.

Situated in U Bora Towers, Business Bay – Long Teng Sea Food Restaurant is sure to impress you even before you taste any of their food. This is probably one of the best Chinese fine dining restaurants on the Bay side, where you can get picture perfect photographs from both within and outside. The panoramic view of the Downtown skyline is sure to elevate your dining experience while the lip smacking authentic Cantonese fare will have you wanting more! While the view is most definitely an important part of the experience, the quality and taste of food is still first and foremost. And there’s absolutely no doubts that Long Teng will placate even the most hardened critic with its offering.
The restaurant’s lavish interiors exude an opulence like no o…

Making the Headlines. Headlines Bistro & Cafe

When the famous headlines café inaugurated their second outlet at Ibis Hotel, Dubai world trade centre, aside from making headlines, it had made some of us (particularly from the media fraternity) very happy.  Why?

DTWC is a venue where we folks spend a considerable amount of time in the annual calendar covering one event or the other. A watering hole like Headlines is something we really craved for!

I was there for the launch of this café and as a special guest and food blogger apart from my media industry connections, I was very well taken care of. I remember having countless sessions of cocktail mixes and bottomless plates of tapas that day when it first kicked off. Mark Anthony (restaurant supervisor) and Michelle Lazarus (Marketing Manager) made sure I felt like a VIP.

I was sure enough very excited and liaised with the marketing team for a full-fledged review, on a later date. Quite obviously, they gladly obliged and few days later -  there I was, with my dining partner, sittin…