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Soho Bar @ Lamcy Plaza

Soho Grill in Lamcy Plaza is the one of the best Grill in the entire Mall. We were impressed beyond words with the food, service, ambiance and the over-all experience that we decided to go there again.

The Food
For starters we ordered a sharing platter which included TNT Shrimps, Soho wings, Fried mac and cheese, corn on cob and their signature dips. We also tried their Quinoa salad which was garden fresh and scrumptious.

The Soho wings looked tempting and being my all-time favorite dish, that’s the first thing I dug my fork into. It tasted as amazing as it looked. The TNT shrimps were succulent and luscious. It came layered in a very delicate coating of sticky Korean sauce.

Fried mac and cheese preserved all the ‘cheesy’ goodness inside while having the perfect crunchiness outside. It was absolute delight in every bite.Finally chargrilled corn on cob was super soft and tasty.  It was layered with generous amounts of Mexican feta sauce, chilli, lime and coriander. Nothing could have be…

Sin Bin Brunch at Nezesaussi Grill, Dubai's Award-winning Sports Bar

This Friday I popped into Nezesaussi Grill - Dubai's award-winning sports bar at Manzil Downtown to check out their Sin Bin Brunch.  It turned out to be quite a rewarding experience.  With a completely laid back ambiance, delectable food & bar menu and some fantastic sport action on TV, I had what one would call - The Perfect Weekend.

The Brunch
Nezessausi grill’s Sin Bin Brunch is on every Friday from 12. pm to At only AED 199 you can enjoy a very extensive brunch buffet featuring everything from tantalizing appetizers like calamari, mushroom fry and chicken wings to a selection of salads, cold cuts and pastries.  Guests can enjoy unlimited servings of starters and one main from the menu. The main on the menu include Catch of the day, Classic Beef Cheese Burger, Chicken Burger, Bacon Egg Roll and Mini Breakfast.
Besides the above there's chicken roast, beef fry, pork belly, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, seafood, pasta and a whole lot more as part of the buff…

Capturing souls with delectable food & awesome service

Bistrot + Gastronomy = Bistronomie
bistronomief-bistro-style gastronomy, characterised by good food in small portions

Right from technology to healthcare to food to whatnot, the French have been innovators of ideas that changed the world. While many of us may not understand French we definitely appreciate French cuisine, and with every good reason. The French gastronomy is, and has always been about fresh ingredients, time-honored traditions and well-mastered techniques of cooking. The result - delectable food - loved by all.

Bistronomie - is also the innovation of a bunch of progressive French chefs, who started off a movement in France, but which has today become popular all over the world. Bringing unique culinary experiences with premium quality food in a bistro-like ambiance, the 'Bistronomie' concept has turned into a global food drive sought-after by food connoisseurs across continents.

The History
The “Bistronomie” concept was first conceived in the 1990s when young Fre…

An Unordinary Restaurant with Extraordinary food, Matto is by all means Fantastico!

A review of Matto Dubai

When it comes to Italian food in Dubai, there's no dearth of them. Contenders are many, winners are clearly few.

While I've tried Italian food in a variety of restaurants, here's one place that I'd never tried before. M A T T O. After a recent visit to this vibrant hotspot at Oberoi Hotel, I can tell that this ristorante is undoubtedly one of the BEST Italian restaurants in the Bay side of town.

The Ambiance
In a world of copycats, here’s one restaurant that dares to be different.  One of the first things you'll notice as you enter is the yellow Vespa. And no ordinary vespa this! It has a DJ console built over it. Gyrating near it is the restaurant's in-house DJ, whipping out progressive party beats to sets spirits on fire.

When you see a restaurant using a prop of one of most powerful symbols of Italian lifestyle, it tells you something!  So, when the wall sign shouts out - “Feel Italian”, don't be surprised. Matto is all about livin…

Coco on 8 - A Lifestyle Lounge like no other

Fancy lazing off in a cool pool-side cabana with a glass of sparkling red after a stressful day at work? Well, then Coco on 8 has the perfect fix for you! One of Media city’s coolest lifestyle lounges, Coco on 8 has the right ambiance to release you from the cares of the day and transfer you to another world, completely.

Situated on the eighth level of Media One hotel, Coco on 8 is a Miami-inspired lifestyle lounge for the fashion-conscious jet set. This is where Dubai’s privileged stop over for chillaxation, enjoy great music and taste the delicious food and drinks.

We visited Coco on 8 on chilled-out Saturday evening. With the night still young, magnificent vistas of the Dubai skyline yonder, fragrances of grape and mint flavoured shisha renting the air, we basked in our cabana enjoying their signature “I am in love with Coco” mix in our hands. The pristine blue lights from the pool and from the buildings towering nearby, added to the overall vibrancy of the setting.

The Drinks
Coco …

Frankie’s Comedy Cellar – Scrumptious Fare & Guaranteed laughs

A review of Frankie's Comedy Cellar

Comedy nights are back at JBR’s hottest Italian bar & grill!  Frankie’s comedy cellar – the highly popular comedy show made a comeback this august with an interesting new line-up of comedians and a whole lot of punch.

Featuring star comedian Simeon Goodson (the host) and some new folks who are all enormously funny in their own right, the show is currently running bi-weekly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The line-up of artists include Jay Bhambani , Maher Barwany, Omar Kazim, Rami Boraie, Rayan H Karaky and Shaddy Gaad.

I popped in one of these Saturdays to beat my pre-Sunday blues and, boy oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed. I had one of my best weekends enjoying some cheeky humor in the company of fine Italian house beverage and tantalizing fare.

The Show
The comedy night kicked off with an act from Simeon Goodson who has entertained audiences as far away as New York. His engagement with the guests at his shows, are second-to-none.  The intimate (read s…