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Taiwan – The Halal Traveler’s Ultimate Destination

The efforts of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in creating a Muslim-friendly environment, as well as growing awareness of Taiwan as a holiday destination, are attracting thousands of Muslim travelers from across the world to Taiwan.  Halal Travel – one of the world’s fastest growing tourism sectors Muslim travel or Halal travel is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism sectors. The number of Muslim international travelers is predicted to rise to US$220 billion in 2020 from the 117 million in 2015 according to the Global Muslim Travel Index 2016 published by financial services firm MasterCard and CrescentRating – the world’s leading authority on halal travel. After canvassing 130 countries both OIC and non-OIC  (Organisation of Islamic Co-operation ) showed that there were an estimated 121 million international Muslim travelers, which is equivalent to 10 per cent of the entire travel industry.  Muslim travellers are projected to spend US$200 billion (S$271.8 billion) in 2020 and …

Facebook unveils video cover! Brands can now tell their story better

Breathing new life into brand pages and helping unleash loads of creative possibilities, Facebook recently unveiled Video Cover feature across few "selected" brand pages.

Facebook in a statement has confirmed that it is testing this feature and will make it available widely soon. Right now it is available for only very select brand pages.

Engagement has today become a driving factor and Facebook is testing various features that can give brands more buzz for their content.  With this new cover video feature, brands will be able to tell their story better through short videos, product demos, ads and what not. The possibilities are simply endless.  

Video cover pages work on a similar fashion as cover images, except that videos need to be anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds long and be of the dimension 820 x 312 pixels.  

Users will be able to select a thumbnail and also adjust the position of the video. There would be ten thumbnail images which the user can choose from. 

The cover…

Kenza Restaurant @ Ramada Downtown Hotel Hosts Iftar for Dubai Media

Kenza Restaurant hosts an iftar for the Media Ramada Downtown Hotel’s Kenza Restaurant hosted a special iftar for media professionals in Dubai last night.  The event was attended by media practitioners from some of the leading publications and media houses in Dubai. A host of bloggers and online influencers from the region were also present at the event. The private iftar was arranged at the Penthouse of the 4-star hotel, which according to many guests, was an amazing choice given the gorgeous view from the balcony.  The venue indeed did offer a panoramic and dazzling view of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Downtown area and not to forget, the Dancing Fountains. After a sumptuous iftar dinner, which included popular Arabic and international cuisine, the guests moved to the balcony area where they enjoyed the dancing fountain show from several hundred feet up in the sky. Kenza Restaurant Kenza, which means “treasure” in Arabic, offers a selection of international cuisine including sou…

12 top tips to help you crack that job interview!

Tailor your CV First things first, have the basics right. A generic CV won’t do. Make sure you tailor your resume according to the opportunity you are applying for. Highlight all the top skills that make you the most suitable candidate for the role. We often see many candidates making a big mistake of copy pasting generic job responsibilities on their resumes from websites. Instead of merely mentioning generic job duties, highlight your achievements, mention how you performed those duties to achieve the objectives of the companies you worked for. For instance  if you are applying for a Business development manager role Don’t write: My duties included Prospecting for potential new clients and turn this into increased business.Research and build relationships with new clients.Set up meetings between client decision makers and company’s practice leaders Etc….