A Biryani Recipe finally fragrant after 2000 years

Behrouz is a brand with an interesting story. Legend whispers of a mythical kingdom called Behrouz, 2000 years ago, which rose to popularity around the world for its recipe of layered rice and secret spices. A recipe that lured Kings and masses alike; A dish that we now know as Biryani. The recipe was lost forever when King Cyrus laid siege to Behrouz until it was discovered amongst the ruins. This Biryani, has brought back to life this lost recipe of Behrouz. Today Behrouz is here in Dubai to placate the palates of the discerning biryani connoisseur. This delivery only concept based in Business Bay area caters to most part of Dubai and they have an efficient fleet of delivery personnel. Last week in the mood for some authentic Biryani, I ordered Ghosht biryani from this place.

The order arrived on time immaculately and in perfect condition. The packaging was impressive and there was not a spill of any kind anywhere. The taste of authentic spices wafted through the air and it was a p…

Memsaab food - Indian food at its best

Memsaab Food is a fabulous indian restaurant serving very delectable contemporary Indian Cuisine. The food is inspired from recipes passed down from generations of the finest chefs of India. The cuisine of Memsaab reflects a diversity of taste and culture of South Asia.
They offer a Lavish spread of authentic dishes ranging from tempting appetizers to delicious desserts in a very simple and laid back setting. I visited on Friday with a good friend who is also happens to be a big lover of Biryani. I was told the Biryani at Memsaab food is one of the best in town so I took her there.
We started off with Lemon mint which was refreshing and chilled us down on a sultry summer noon.
In starters we commenced with Murgh Kali Mirch and Chicken Malai tikka. Both of them looked similar in appearance but different. While the Kali mirch was slightly flavorful and spicy, the malai tikka was juicy and creamy. I must say that the quality and taste of these appetizers were remarkable. It blew off our soc…

New entrant in food delivery space – MMMBOX

How many times have you ordered food delivery at home and it is either cold, spilt all over the packaging or just simply doesn’t taste as fresh? Mmmbox – Sushi, Asian & Indian solves exactly that problem. It is an up-and-coming Pan-Asian restaurant born out of the growing need for good quality home deliveries in Dubai. Mmmbox aimed to give Dubai this much-required quality when it comes to both flavourful food and robust packaging, and somehow, this concept manages to excel in doing that. From Sushis to Curries, this newly opened restaurant provides customers with a variety of cuisines under one roof catering to different kinds of taste buds without compromising on the authenticity of the dish.  Located in Jumeirah, Mmmbox provides food delivery all around Dubai from their simple yet effective website –  The packaging deserves a special mention. The food is served in highly presentable, hygienic, well-packed and good quality boxes. “We wanted it to feel like a gift …

Yugo Sushi - Serving the real taste of Japan in Dubai

'Yugo' in Japanese means - to fuse; to blend; to combine; to integrate. The chefs at Yugo Sushi have improvised on the traditional Japanese recipes. Adding their own twist to it; they've ensured it does not contradict the traditional flavor and taste that we love so much. 

I was there recently with blogger Suren Rajamohan and we had a good time. We tried out some very authentic japanese dishes. We started off with Yugo singnature and watermelon sencha mocktail. Both were refreshing. 

In starters we had Salmon avocado tartare, yellowtail uzukuri, bang bang shrimp, salt and pepper calamari, and salmon avocado.

All these items tasted authentic and were of standout quality. 

In the mains I had my usual favourite Katsu curry while my dining companion had Gyodon.  We had also ordered spicy salmon uramaki and volcanic roll. They were delicious.

Check this place out guys!! They are at Almas Tower, JLT and they have another branch in the greens too. 

FOOD. EARTH. LOVE : That's the some total of FEL restaurant in Duja Towers, Dubai

This summer there is a cool new venue called FEL Restaurant that has opened in Duja Tower on Trade Centre Road in Dubai.

A Californian restaurant with a globally inspired cuisine with culinary influences coming from as far as Peru in the west and Japan on the east, FEL, strives to create a beautiful melange of tastes to tantalize the palettes of the ardent foodie. 
They feature a very simple and straightforward menu with select items, but the culinary artists at FEL try to create masterpieces of every single dish served there. They have Vegetarian, Vegan and healthy dining options.
We started off with Watermelon Aqua Fresca and ice Spanish late to beat the heat. Truffle scrambled egg in the breakfast menu sounded intriguing so we ordered that for the starters. My dining companion went for omelette Mexicali. Both amazing dishes and a great breakfast to have any day. I like that FEL serves an all day breakfast menu and for someone like me who loves having light dishes any part of the day, …

Mota Fish : Authentic Keralean Food in Dubai

Sometimes it is dining at the stars, other times it is visiting authentic joints that revive fond memories of home and take me close to the roots. Yesterday of all days, I was missing the traditional keralite food big time, so I decided to visit Mota Fish restaurant situated in Al Barsha.

The restaurant has been featured in the posts and stories of many a blogger so decided to try it out and figure out for myself, what the hype is all about.

A humble malabari shack serving some very popular naadan dishes mota fish seems to have found a niche clientele who love their philosophy of food.

I visited with a friend who is a foodie and blogger himself, so it was fun. We started off with some lemon mint soda, which was a tad too salty for my liking. In appetizers we ordered two of our very favourite dishes - Natholi fry and prawns fry.

Natholi was super crunchy as I would prefer it to be and prawns I felt was kind of overdone to an extend that it lost it's very intrinsic flavour and tast…

Cafe Bazza : Authentic Kuwaiti Cuisine in Dubai

In 2011, a new cafe by the name of Bazza opened up in Kuwait. Serving traditional Kuwaiti food in a modernised yet time-honoured setting, the café soon grew and now serves the freshest, most seasonal Kuwaiti fare in the UAE.

In Dubai the restaurant is located at City Walk and features some of the best in Kuwaiti Cuisine. While Kuwaiti cuisine may not be that significantly popular in Dubai judging from the only handful of Authentic Kuwaiti restaurants in existence, there are fans of Kuwaiti cuisine in the UAE and Cafe Bazza is here to cater to not only Kuwait's that prefer their homestyle food in Dubai but also to  all others who would love to see what the country's culinary offerings are!

The team were very good and despite their restaurant manager being not available at the venue,they took very good care of us. Waiters Bilal and Sofiane were a very friendly bunch who went over and beyond their roles to ensure we had a good time. 

We started off with some healthy fresh juices and…

Kailash Parbat, Al Seef - A stylish restaurant offering great Indian food

Located on the southern side of Dubai Creek, the 40 restaurants and shops that make up Al Seef is the latest creation of property developer, Meraas. Steeped in history with a large amount of Emirati culture, Meraas has daringly blended a modern and distinctive shipping container-style design and concept along this 1.8km stretch of prime real-estate waterfront. 

One of the newest Indian restaurants to open is Kailash Parbat. Serving Indian vegetarian cuisine, the spilt-level property managed by KP Hospitality maximises its appeal with an open kitchen dining concept for families downstairs, while a bar entices patrons of a different persuasion with a live house band and DJ. Our visit I visited KP recently with food blogger Suren Rajamohan and we had a great time. 

Kailash Parbat is separated across two levels. The ground floor has the restaurant and the 1st level has the bar and shisha lounge. We chose to sit at the restaurant area and enjoy the food before heading upstairs to try some of…

Pita Pit - Towards Healthy living!

Founded in Kingston, Canada in 1995, Pita Pit is a healthy alternative to eating, specializing in delicious pita sandwiches, salads, snacks & award-winning beverages. The brand has successfully been in operation since the last 24 years and launched their UAE outlet in 2016.
Pita Pit is a special way to eat fresh, as you can customize your Pita and salads within a large choice of meats, poultry, vegetables, sauces, and spices. The meat is grilled in front of the coustomers eyes, and that is why you can guarantee that it is fresh … The brands core focus is to help create a world where people can enjoy healthy AND delicious food in a fast and casual environment. 
I was fortunate to visit this place with my blogger friend Suren Rajamohan last week. We were a group of 5 and we had a great time relishing on some earthy shakes, delicious salads and insane wraps. Pita Pit is all about eating healthy food and feeling less guilty about it.
Pita pit is a part of a global franchise with 700 outl…

Another Indian restaurant in Dubai Purveying Authentic Keralite Cuisine : Moriz Al Nahda

Moriz is one of the newest restaurants that has joined the now popular food street of Al Nahda. Situated adjacent to the popular Biryaniwallah and Co, Moriz serves Indian, Chinese, Kerala, Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

On entering the restaurant the first thing you'll notice is the coziness. Mirrors on all sides give it an illusion of being a bigger restaurant than it actually is. Clever job from the architect. The lighting is soothing but some might find it tad overly cozy, resembling a spa or something like that. It was red all over and gave a different vibe altogether. But certainly never one like you would experience in any other keralite restaurant in Dubai.

We started off with some drinks. I had ordered masala fanta while my dining companions ordered fruit punch - which seemed more like orange juice topped with vanilla ice cream.  With my drink, the restaurant attempted to create a thumbs up soda kind of drink however it lacked the punch i would expect from it. The g…

Cinnamon Tree Srilankan Restaurant, Rigga Dubai

There are only a handful of Srilankan restaurants in Dubai despite the fact that there is a sizable population of Sri Lankans living and working in Dubai.

This is slowly changing as more and more Sri Lanks are moving to this country in search of a better career.  The dynamics of their need to eat out are also changing.  So restaurants like Cinnamon Tree are here to save the day and offer not just Sri Lankan's but anyone who appreciates that regions cuisine, good dining options in Dubai.

So, this week we - a couple of enthusiastic foodies met up at the newly launched Cinnamon Tree in Voyage hotel rigga to try out some of their specialities. The group was headed by leading foodie Suren Rajamon and I was joined by Hoggers in Dubai, Ripplezz Galore and an amateur photographer.

We started off with refreshing fresh juices. One thing to note is that their menu is very much customizable so for those who think that srilankan food is too spicy need not worry. Likewise even their fresh juic…

Simplicity takes center stage at Leonardo Italian Restaurant, Dubai

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

The above lines of Da Vinci aren't just a maxim at the newly launched Leorndo Restaurant at Stella De Mare – it is a philosophy and way of life.  Walk into its simple, cosy interiors and you will be transported to another world. A world where simplicity abounds.  Inspirations of art can be found in everything, but nothing is really overpowering. The space just serves as a canvas without necessarily interfering with the greatest art Leonardo restaurant has on offer – the food.
Wooden flooring and touches of green in the form of faux foliage -  a giant tree dominating the centre of the restaurant giving the space a very earthy look and feel. There are nuances of Da Vinci quotes and even an insignia from an erstwhile royal palace of Italy.

A bar on the left side as soon as you enter the restaurant takes care of the human watering needs (read drinking) and a hydraulic water pump signifies the traditional met…

What-a-Pao at O Pao, Bur Dubai

If you were to ask any Mumbaikar (Term used to refer to someone belonging to Mumbai, India) about Vada Pav, you’ll learn that vada pav is not just food. It is an emotion. A way of life. 
The mighty Indian vada pav has been around in north indian eateries here for years now, yet no one had ever thought about taking it to the next level – as Amol Dhote of 6 AM Concepts. 
Having been raised in Mumbai for the best part of his childhood, Amol had been thinking for a long time about how this desi staple food of the Marathis could be part of the global food movement and transcend boundaries.
So, coming to Dubai Amol set up O' Pao – a one of a kind Pav joint which caters to pav lovers of every kind. Vada Pav needn’t always necessarily be vegetarian as Amol's products amply demonstrate. O'Pao's dishes are customized to suit a dozen palettes.

Little wonder this tiny and new outlet today ranks 4.6 on Zomato within a short time of its existence and delivery guys lining up the st…

Desi vibes and amazing fare at Desi Village, Garhoud

Desi Village in Garhoud is one of the newest Indian restaurants to hit the casual dining scene in the locality. Offering a fantastic array of authentic, true to tradition cuisine in a relaxed, laid back setting with comfortable sofas, multi-coloured cushions, big screen TVs and desi music playing in the backdrop –Desi  village seems to be here with the mission to offer dinners a unique dining experience in the heart of Dubai. 
Desi Village is probably the only Indian casual restaurant in this side of town that offers shisha as well as an offering on its menu. Colourful murals and props adorn the walls and corners, and the gorgeous yet simple interiors are the first thing you’ll notice.
I started off with a glass of chill and refreshing desi mojito. It came on a special terracota pot with ice below it and a terracotta holder A tiny umbrella in the glass was the eyecatcher. And did it taste good? It was just fantastic and lived up to the hype that came with it. What else could one ask …

Towards healthy dining and healthy living - Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice is an award-winning food shop and restaurant with multiple locations in the U.A.E., Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The brand first opened in Dubai in 2008, and swiftly became an inspiration for sustainable, locally sourced cooking, all over the region.

Baker & Spice ethos has always been focused on artisan food. Guided by the seasons and ethical principles, their food philosophy is simple: local | organic |  fresh | homemade. It's all they do and they do it exceptionally well, in that order. Everything they serve is made from scratch in their kitchens. Their central bakery offers both retail and wholesale services across the region. recently had a chance to visit the Baker & Spice outlet at the newly launched S Hotel Al Barsha. A very neat set up in the brand new hotel with good service and great food. We were really very impressed by our over all experience.

They say first impression is the best impression and it was true in the case of…