Khwab Restaurant

Khwab Restaurant is a restaurant located in UAE, serving a selection of Indian that delivers across Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Their best selling dishes are Non-Veg Combo 1, Aloo Tikki Kebab, Mutton Galouti Kebab and Awadhi Murg Biryani, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like 20 AED Lunch Deals, Vegetable Kebab, Mutton Kebab and Rice.

Last week I happened to be in Dubai silicon oasis for a meeting and incidentally my meeting was fixed at Kwab Restaurant. It was lunch time and I was very hungry after my meeting so i decided to order lunch from there.  Incidentally I met the owner of the restaurant who was also there, so I chatted up with him and asked him to suggest what were some of the dishes I should try there. Without thinking a bit, he suggested that If i am very hungry and if i enjoy non vegetarian food, I should go for their Shahi Thali.

So I ordered Shahi thali and while i was waiting I ordered their Bhurani a spicy lassi drink. Never tried this before but…

Tandoori Junction - New and good

Today being Eid i decided to order from some place good and Tandoori Junction randomly came up on the Zomato searches. Read some bloggers comments and pretty convinced food is good, i decided to order. It was a long shot as the restaurant is in JLT totally far from where I stay. However on calling them and telling them I am a blogger, they were kind enough to offer to deliver despite the distance.

The order arrived pretty much on the promised time or infact a bit earlier than that. The packing was perfect and the food inside was immaculate. Kudos to the team for bringing it this far without any damage or shakes.

Now to go on to the food. I ordered murgh malai tikka and tandoori prawns in starters. Both were tantalizing to say the least. I didnt expect his quality honestly and I was tad surprised. In curries i ordered butter chicken which was really creamy and as good as i would have expected it to be. This along with nice butter naan sealed the dinner deal for me.

I am highly satisfi…

Socialicious - Socializing with the company of great food

So, finally I got to visit a restaurant after a long long time. Three months of waiting and I was finally sitting and enjoying a great array of food at Socialicious along with my blogger buddies Suren and Karishma.

Socialicious had been on my radar for a year now and never really got around to visiting firstly due to the distance from where I live and secondly due to my random travel schedules last year. It felt good to finally visit after a three month self isolation.

So, we started off with some tantalizing starters. We started with the below in the same order

Burnt garlic soup  - A different variety of soup. Loved it.

Teriyaki chicken bao - yummy to say the least

Prawn tempura - delicious and to the point
Crispy karaage Tori - really loved this dish
Socialicious nacho's ( creamy avocado nacho's) - never tried before and love at first try.

Raw mango papaya salad - typical thai style salad. Loved it.

Salmon bulgogi
Ayam Capitan
Grilled Cream dory


WoksnWraps - East Asian Food In Al Qusais

I have an occasional craving for east asian food and when I do, i most often than not budge to the craving and hit straight to my favourite joints that serve this food.

Now with covid lockdown being a reality, I decided to check out some options in my own locality which would serve the food of my choice but quickly, cost effectively and while maintaining freshness as good as eating directly from the restaurant.

I saw WoksnWraps reviews on Zomato and it was quite convincing for me to pick up the phone and order from there. 
So i went for Chicken fingers with Honey Sirracha dip and Crispy Schezuan chicken in starters. Then chicken corn soup, chicken katsu wrap and General Tso's chicken.
I must really appreciate the taste from this restaurant which is new. For the first time trying this place but definitely impressed me beyond measure.  The soup was bubbling hot and filled with all the goodness that would set my afternoon right. The chicken fingers were a joy to have for a starter a…

Acai Nation - Paving way for a healthy lifestyle

After a well-deserved break from hardcore food blogging, I thought my re entry to the space after this covidious situation and lockdown is through a healthy and inspiring way. Lockdown has taught us many things and one most important thing is - health is wealth and it comes first for only if you have health can you achieve anything in life.

So saying, I kicked off a new season of food blogging with a review of Acai Nation.  The brand is relatively new and is an inspired entity here to offer a healthy dining option for Dubai's wellness conscious populace. 
What i ordered I ordered a medium mix berry acai bowl and an acai smoothie.
The mixed berry Asai bowl had original Acai blended with banana, topped with strawberry slices, blueberry and granola. It came very well packed and neatly arranged even for a take away which really appealed to me. The taste was remarkable.  Acai smoothie was one of the best I tried in recent times.
Overall a great experience and I would definitely be ord…

Mumbai Social - Mumbai taste in every bite

Mumbai Social is the latest bombay style restaurant to launch in Dubai. It is located in Karama and has a very elaborate and fine array of north indian and mumbai dishes.  We recently ordered from here from a friends house and had the food delivered to us on time, in very good and neat packaging and taste and freshness intact.

What we ordered?

We ordered Pav bhaji, Veg kababs, Veg Tawa masala, Naan and Paneer makhani.

The Veg kebab was the first thing we tried in starters and we really appreciated the taste and softness. Then we moved on to trying Pav Bhaji which had the original chowpatty taste. The pav was so fresh and soft that it melted in the mouth and the Bhaji was probably one of the best i've tried.

Veg tawa masala was a delicious dish that went well with the butter naan and so was the paneer makahani. In fact every single dish we ordered impressed us.

The prices were really reasonable for the quality and they have a great variety of dishes. Mumbai social is a must try re…

Desi Junction : Latest Indian cuisine restaurant in Karama

Desi Junction is a very new restaurant located in Karama, Dubai.  Firstly Kudos for their courage in opening a restaurant at a time when others are shutting doors. So this itself says something. Yes, their courage to open at this covidious times shows that they are very confident about what they are doing.

And it shows. The other day, I had an opportunity to order and try out various dishes from this new restaurant and was I impressed! Truth be told i was more than impressed by the quality, taste, promptness of delivery and pricing.

So I ordered Kala Ghatta in drinks which was not only refreshing but so very delicious. For starters I ordered a chat item which is Sev Puri. It came with six pieces. Was refreshing in taste.

In mains I ordered Bun Kheema Cheese, Bombay Pao Bhaji, Butter Chicken curry, and Tawa Chicken Boti.

Bun kheema cheese was a tad salty for my liking but if it was slightly less salty, it would have been even more amazing but full points for this dish.

Butter Chicken …

Explore tantalising delicacies from around the world at Back to Grill Al Barsha

This quaint boutique grill house puts the word 'wide' in worldwide with its eclectic selection of intercontinental grills and soul food favorites. Each dish has a dash of inspiration coming from Annu, George and Anish, the founders who explored numerous street recipes globally and brought them right into the kitchen with a personal touch. Their childhood passion – playing around with multiple ingredients and cook-up happiness - has grown with them, only to begin a new journey in the culinary world at Back to Grills Restaurant & Cafe.
Things we ordered Melon and Feta salad which was an equally refreshing dish with fresh watermelon and feta cheese. I couldn't just stop munching the fresh watermelon as it kind of helped re hydrating. We also tried their peri peri salsa fries which were tantalizing. The spiced fries was made rich with cheese sauce and salsa for that palette tickling taste. 
For the main course I went for Spit roast chicken. In desserts we ordered grilled …

Desi taste

Today at a casual weekend catch up at a friends at al barsha we ended up having a drinkathon and some two hours down the adventure, felt bit hungry.  At least a couple of us wanted to have something spicy (considering the cold and lovely weather). Usually during such meetups, our usual choice is wings or some fast food.

On the suggestion of a foodie friend i opened zomato and looked for the best options around the area. Reading a few nice reviews there and having already heard a lot about Desi Wings we decided to order from there today.  Few minutes later, we ended up ordering two dozens of them.

At only AED 95 we got a wonderful assortment of four mind blowing flavours that highly appealed to our palates - we being Indian. Some of the flavours we chose are Malai Cheese garlic wings, Adraki Soy chili wings, smoked biryani spiced wings and Achayens pepper wings. 
First off i must note that the delivery reached us very quick, packaging was simple and neat and the food warm.
Opening the p…

Jasmint JLT, A taste of China in Dubai

China's food scene is as interesting and varied as the country itself. While chinese food is grossly underrated. All that people think of when you say chinese cuisine is Wantons and noodles. Well, Jasmint restaurant yearns to change that perception by offering a very varied menu of some delicious offering from all regions of China.

A very simply yet cozy setting by the artificial lake offering a fantastic gamut of tantalizing chinese fare. We visited with a group of friends last month when the weather was still very pleasant and had an enjoyable time.

Below are some of the dishes we tried.

Chicken celery Spicy dumplings - 
Prawn jumbo dumplings - 
Miso soup  
Panna Pineapple salad 
Sichuan Wonton  
Tender tofu grill 
Karwa-Kapo mushroom grill  
Padthai - prawn 
Sichuan spicy Splash pot 
Ripple jelly bowl 

All the dishes were very delicious and of stand out quality and taste. Highly recommend this place for modern interpretation of traditional chinese cuisine. There's variety, there…

Malabar Makhan - Serving Malabari specialties in Qusais

Last saturday happened to attend a bloggers gig at Malabar Makhan and had an opportunity to try some of their speciality malabari dishes, that have been talked about in the bloggers circle.

We started off with a shot of their welcome drink before we were served with the starters Tawa Fish and Chicken Skewers. The Tawa fish was fresh, spicy and flavorful and we enjoyed it much. Chicken skewers could have been better but still not that bad. We shared the feedback with the team who gladly arranged for the chef to meet us and take note of the suggestions with a serious intention to change it for the better. Hi Five for that.

In the Mains we had Kud Kachi, Beef Varattu, Kariku Prawns and Kadal Kootu.  I have to remark specially on the Beef Varattu - one of the top dishes I liked from their menu and one they make remarkably well. Definitely need to try it with their super soft and tasty kerala parotta - an insane combination. As for the rest of the curries, they were good. I enjoyed the Ka…

More Cafe, Inspired cuisine

We were recently at More cafe at Roda Al Murooj for a tasting session so to say. The place is a world away from the rest with beautiful interiors and great space both inside and outside to hold parties or corporate gigs.

The team Aaron and Shivangi were there to guide us through the restaurants history and core theme of the restaurant. We were served with Acai Smoothie and Avacado shake shots for welcome drink.  

Later we were served two varieties of soup. One was their specialty Ali Soup named after their Chef Ali. This soup is his secret recipe and was named in honor of him.  Then we tried Cauliflower soup. Both tasted good. 

In starters we were served chicken wings, dynamite shrimps, egg roulade and Shakshuka. In the mains, we had Hammour red curry, Chicken Muskhan and Chicken Ravioli . All these dishes were very well prepared and presented aesthetically.  

We finished with desserts. In desserts we had Mochi and Peanut butter stack which looked more of brownie cubes.  The mochi was cer…

Enjoying the Full fledged menu at Pancake House

Last week one of my blogger buddies had her birthday so decided to celebrate it at Pancake House, Burjuman.

The name may be deceiving as Pancake house has a lot more than just pancakes. This filipino franchise has captured the market right from the time it first launched in the UAE. We were there on a normal working day and the place was already full. The majority of the guests looked like Filipinos. We were the only indians in the house that night but we felt one among them.

We started off with drinks which were brought over by the friendly waiter from India, Mandeep. He continued to remain our go to guy for all food there.

In appetizers we ordered Spicy chicken tenders and had it customized to our Indian palettes. The taste was really remarkable I must say. Though no one usually orders with so much size and it is not their style, Pancake house always tries to make their guests happy with whatever best they can offer to satisfy guests palettes.

After the palette rewarding experience…

Lulu Launches Biggest Culinary Event “World Food Festival”

LuLu, the region’s largest hypermarket chain well-renowned for highlighting country festivals throughout the year, holds its annual food festival “World Food” across its stores in the UAE from 19th February to 7th March 2020. A celebration of flavours and culture, the three-week festival brings together foodies, families and friends in a gastronomic experience of global cuisines from more than 25 countries, over 300 cooking competitions at all major hypermarkets, around 20 live performances from celebrity chefs and personalities, and massive in-store product offers.
The World Food 2020 is divided into many themes, such as Akla Arabia featuring Arabic delights, Desi Dhaba and Malabar Thattukada with Indian favourites, Pagkaing Pinoy for Filipino classics, street food staples, desserts, barbecue treats and so much more, targeting different nationalities and communities. Alongside the food themes, a host of different cooking competitions is being organised not just for homemakers, but al…

Fall off the bones mutton and hearty pulau at Al Kebab Al Afighani

A great fan of Afghani grills and pulau, I gladly accepted the offer for a review of Al Kebab al Afighani. I have already visited this place before with a friend during Ramadan and totally fell in love with the place then.

Today I headed there with a dear friend and fellow blogger Rukku Sumayya. We both had a great time.

On visiting, we were first offered with a bowl of sweetened almonds and mutton soup.

In the food we ordered Qabli polaw with meat, Afghani mixed grill and Namkeen roast. We also ordered their bread.

The Polow was very much as I had fathomed it to be. Dreamy polaw with fall of the bones meat. We totally enjoyed this and the portions were too good that we both were able to share and also take away a little. The bread was again quite large and filling. We enjoyed it with luscious camel meat called Namkeen roast.

We were offered the freshest salads in the house along with yummy raita.  Overall it was a fantastic dining experience and i would highly recommend this place f…

The Huddle

As a regular visitor to the Huddle at Citymax Bur Dubai, i am a great fan of their food, live music and drinks. So yesterday, I visited their Barsha outlet for the first time and I must say that the sports bar exceeded my expectations.

The food was as awesome as it has always been. We were a bunch of eight friends and we ordered Calamari and chicken wings. It is one of the most delicious peri peri chicken wings I tasted in recent times. It wasnt that spicy though, they had offered us gloves to use before consuming.

Then we ordered Ribs, Lamb Chops, Pizza, Nachos, Chicken Tikka, Fish and Chips, Potato fries etc.
In desserts we ordered all the desserts on their menu.

In short, every single dish we ordered last night was simply remarkable and appealed to each and every one of us. So i am not even going to explain each and every dish but would highly recommend you to personally go and try based on my rating of 5 for this awesome sports bar.

Begin your culinary journey across a brand-new India

A celebration of hyper-local Indian cuisine – Bombay Borough, located at DIFC Gate Village 3, offers guests a carefully curated selection of India’s unique ingredients, spices and flavours, reinvented. From small bites to large feasts, Bombay Borough’s eclectic menu comes with a twist and enables armchair travellers to embark on a culinary adventure that serves up the very best of India, in a way they have never experienced before.
Discover the ideal space for everything from drinks after work to meals with friends and loved ones. Bombay Borough is Indian to the core, the epitome of the India of today and tomorrow, and the perfect place to rediscover India through an explosion of flavour. With a menu that sources Bhoot Jolokia from the North East, Aam Papad from Amritsar in the North West, pink salt from the Himalayas in the North, and some unique Podi Masalas from the South – Bombay Borough brings together rare flavours that aren’t readily available globally.
The Food From Guntur Podi…