Dubai’s newest social hub - Bar Baar introduces ‘Thela Baar Brunch’

Image was invited to the launch of Thela Baar brunch at Bar Baar, Majestic hotel Dubai. The team had a lovely time and over all it was a friday well spent. 

Here's more about the brunch

If you’ve been to India, one thing that would never miss your eye is the scrumptious roadside delights. And to ensure that you don’t just reminisce the mouth-watering delights, Bar Baar, the city’s latest social hub and gastropub located at Majestic Hotel, Bur Dubai introduces the new ‘Thela Baar Brunch’- aka cart-driven street food, perfect to give your taste buds a kick!

Promising to be a vegetarian and non-vegetarian street-food paradise, the tantalizing delights at the ‘Thela Baar Brunch’ will be available every Friday between 1:00 to 4:00 pm starting from AED 99 (Food only). Lovers of spirits can avail the brunch at AED 199 and premium spirits at AED 259 respectively.
Designed for every gastronomic lover, the ‘Thela Baar Brunch’, is a delectable combination of India’s best street food …

Sushi Sushi - Fabulous Sushis and more at Century Village, Dubai

Knowing my incredible love for Sushi, my good friend and blogger Suren Rajamohan recently invited me to Sushi Sushi in Century Village for some sushi treat.
Sushi Sushi is a humble little licensed restaurant that has been around for longer than many of those fancy sushi places in Dubai. Yes, the homegrown brand has been in existence for the past 17 years in Century village. Needless to say, they excel at what they do.
Let the humble setting not fool you, 17 years of experience in making the same thing over and over again means you get to enjoy Sushi that is really remarkable.

The team is comprised of a Sri Lankan head Chef who is as old as the restaurant and a friendly bunch many of who have been working here for a very long time.
What we had We started off with some light beverage to set the tone for the evening and progressed with some appetisers - Vegetable and Prawn Tempura, before the main course. The tempura was well prepared and tasted yummy, setting the perfect appetite to t…

Afters - Great ice cream cafe for after food indulgence by the creek

So today, I was invited by my good friend and blogger Suren Rajamohan to visit Afters in Al Seef. From the very name, you can guess why this place has been named AFTERS. Yes, you guessed right! It is a dessert place or a post-meal-indulgence spot to enjoy desserts with gorgeous views of the buzzing Dubai creek and historic Al Seef neighbourhood.
Afters is situated just a block away from the Public parking towards the British Embassy side of Al Seef. So locating it is quite easy. The café is small with only a couple of tables indoor but they make up for it with half a dozen tables outdoors overlooking the beautiful Creekside and also the historic seef area.

The café is neat, the branding very interesting and seating quite comfortable for an ice cream place. The team are a proactive bunch and every ready to serve your needs.
We started off with some light bites like waffle sandwiches. On that note, I must mention, though solely an after food place, they have been considerate to add in a fe…

Allons-Y cafe, JLT - A review

Though I'm not so much of a morning person, breakfast is one of my most favorite meal of the day. Sadly very few restaurants here in Dubai serve breakfast all day. I fortunately ran into this little cafeteria called Allons-y in Jumeriah Lake Towers who do an all-day English breakfast 7 days a week. The snug little place, situated at the Promenade level of HDS Tower is run by a young India lady named Juno, who is also a passionate Chef and Baker. A self trained culinarian, Juno is serious about what she does, and is quite good at it too, as I eventually learnt. Between brunch and coffee, I managed to chat up with her and got her to share her interesting story. All this while enjoying a delicious plate of good old fashioned English breakfast made by her own hands. Overall, an afternoon well spent.

What I had I started off with a glass of chilled coffee. After chatting up with Juno for few hours atleast, it was time to go for the lunch.
I went for my usual favourite - English Breakfa…

No Frills, Plainly Fabulous Food with a Modernist Twist at Slab, La Mer

Situated on the gorgeous La Mer beachfront, SLAB is no ordinary restaurant, but a culinary laboratory of sorts, manned by an experienced chef, a super friendly manager and a fabulous team, who are well trained and knowledgeable about the rudiments of the food they serve.

The restaurant is quite simple, relaxed and casual without any unnecessary props, but the milieu serves as a powerful canvas that casts focus on the art on plate. Within only a few months of its existence, SLAB has managed to carve a unique niche for itself among foodies that are looking for something different, interesting and healthy at the same time.

SLAB's international menu features dishes inspired from all corners of the globe. Each and every single item on the menu is innovative with a modernist take on some good old favorites. The menu is a constantly evolving one, which changes with the season. This ensures that the best seasonal ingredients are used in preparing the dishes.

The restaurant imports some o…

Estrellas Rooftop Lounge - Bur Dubai's Best Rooftop Lounge and Party Spot

Estrellas Rooftop lounge is probably Bur Dubai’s most popular roof top lounges that has been a preferred spot of choice for many living around and afar. Ever since it launched in 2016, the place has become a hot spot for weekend parties and meet-ups with friends.
So, when was invited to review Estrellas lounge on Thursday, we didn’t have to think twice before darting there. The place looked fabulous and the pool added that gorgeousness to the venue. We met the super friendly restaurant assistant manager Avijith Singha who led us to the most ideal table above the pool.
The view of the Dubai skyline including the Burj Khalifa was simply stunning. There couldn’t be a better place to enjoy a weekend!

The Food
In starters we were served veg and non veg platter an assortment of kebabs and tikkas and the works! Boy oh boy, it was love at first bite! 

The non veg platter consisted of chicken tikka, mutton seekh kebab and prawns hanging on a metal skewer with a burning charcoal gr…

A real taste of Peru in Dubai at Highway 311, JLT

Set up by an Emirati entrepreneur on the promenade level of the MAG 214 tower at JLT, Highway311 serves amazing grills and BBQ tastes and flavours from around the world to the food lovers of Dubai. Their menu featuring the grills and BBQ dishes have been inspired by the classics, yet are inventive and packed with fresh flavours and subtle aromas. were invited for a review last week and we did enjoy some fine delicacies from the Peruvian region. With the limited number of Peruvian restaurants in Dubai and scant availability of Peruvian spices, getting to taste authentic Peruvian food is a difficult if not impossible task.  Thanks to restaurants like 311, who import all their spices and condiments directly from Peru – one can get to taste authentic Peruvian food like how the Peruvians would eat it.

What we had

In the drinks
We started off with a glass of Strawberry Mojito and Pina Colada. Both apt and to the point without unnecessary sweetness or embellishments. The tast…

The Unbeatable 21 for 121 Mexican Food Fiesta at Jules Bar is NOT to be missed!

A popular Dubai bar and bistro in the Méridien Village Jules serves up great Mexican cuisine and a wide range of drinks all day and night. Jules offers a casual atmosphere with seating either inside or outside on the terrace. Dynamic live entertainment from two resident bands seven days a week.  

Jules Bar has launched an all new and exciting menu of 21 dishes called Fiesta at 121 and was invited to review it.
With the DJs belting out cracking tunes, we enjoyed some totally lip-smacking bar-bites and signature Tex-Mex dishes, including but not limited to Muchos Nachos, Tex-Mex Caesar Salad, Buffalo Wings, Beef Taquitos, Cancun Shrimps and Avocado Salad, to classics like Crunchy Tacos, Mini Burritos, Chunky Chicken Chimichanga, among others.
With 21 eclectic varieties of nibbles and Tex-Mex specialties to choose from, the astounding ‘21 for AED 121’ fiesta at Jules Bar is not to be missed!

Despite the buzzing crowd on a busy Thursday evening, the service rendered…