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Royal Jodhpur – A beautiful tryst between Royal Classic & Indian Progressive

Couple of weeks ago, me and my dining companion were invited to review Royal Jodhpur restaurant in Roda Al Murooj Hotel.  "Jodhpur" as it is otherwise called had been on our radar for a long time, so when an invite came from the hotels end, we gladly took it.

We went there on a weekend hoping to spend a lot of time in the restaurant's beautiful waterfront terrace. The interiors were definitely classic and featured polished tables, slick cutlery, imperial drapes and stately chandeliers - all quite in line with the "Royal" on the name. However the green wall paint actually intended to add regal authenticity to the precincts looked quite drab, to our liking. The terrace was beautiful, with pleasant breeze, gorgeous views of the Dubai skyline above and pristine waters below.

The Fare Pre Starters
In pre starters we were served with Jeera Khari puffs and  Macaron Chaat.

Jeera Khari puffs
The Jeera Khari puffs came seated on a miniature mesh-wire car accompanied by a …

Kona Grill - Al Seef - Grills and more...

The Al Seef waterfront is suddenly becoming a beehive of activity. If you happen to visit on a weekend, you'll see hundreds of people shopping, eating, walking up and down the promenade or simply hanging out there. The stretch is becoming the Dubai Marina for those on this side of town.

The 1.8 km long Al Seef waterfront is a new development from Meeras offering dining, retail, leisure, tourism attractions and a lot more.  According to the developers Al Seef has been designed to “bring to life the traditional Emirati culture that underpins Dubai’s iconic heritage”. The district consists of two main areas: A heritage area, inspired by old architecture in Dubai, and a more contemporary area featuring modern design elements.

We went there on a Friday evening and it felt like we were in a fiesta - live music performances, kids playing with balloons, vendors selling everything from handcrafted gifts to historic souvenirs of Dubai and people enjoying the fare at the restaurants lining …

A Culinary Journey to Greece at Grecian Grill, Dubai Marina

At Grecian Grill traditional herbal flavours amalgamate with modern cookery techniques to create a culinary experience of sorts.

To me, all this while, Greek food simply meant Gyros and at times - the usual Greek salad. Nothing more. I wasn’t adventurous enough to walk into a Greek restaurant and try the fare there. I can perhaps attribute this hesitation to my difficulty in pronouncing Greek food names on the menu.
Things changed for the better last week, when I was invited to be part of an exclusive focus group to try authentic Greek cuisine at Grecian Grill.  This intimate tasting session was organised by well-known food blogger and my good friend Suren Rajamohan on the behest of the restaurateurs Kyriakos and wife Yuli. Grecian Grill Restaurant in Dubai Marina promenade is owned and operated by this Greek couple, for who the restaurant is more than a business.

Coming from a family that has been in the culinary profession for ages, starting a restaurant in Dubai was a natural move …

Mahec By Satish Arora ; Extraordinary Fare. Upbeat Setting.

Last month we were invited to review the newly relaunched Mahec By Satish Arora at Le Meridian Hotel on Airport road.  Mahec recently partnered with legendary Chef Satish Arora and has thus renamed itself from Mahec to Mahec by Satish Arora. Through this successful collaboration, Chef Arora is bringing on his culinary magic to the Middle eastern shores.

About Chef Satish Arora
Chef Satish Arora has cooked up legendary feasts for royalty, world leaders and celebrities for over five decades.  Over the course of his career, he has served and received generous admiration from esteemed guests such as Princess of Wales Diana, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, His Highness Prince Aga Khan IV, Queen Elizabeth, President Bill Clinton, Francois Mitterrand, Mikhail Gorbachev, Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher and John Major, boxing legend Mohammed Ali, musical maestro Zubin Mehta, and astronaut Neil Armstrong to name a few.

About the food
Chef Arora epitomizes a culi…