Sushi Sushi - Fabulous Sushis and more at Century Village, Dubai

Knowing my incredible love for Sushi, my good friend and blogger Suren Rajamohan recently invited me to Sushi Sushi in Century Village for some sushi treat.

Sushi Sushi is a humble little licensed restaurant that has been around for longer than many of those fancy sushi places in Dubai. Yes, the homegrown brand has been in existence for the past 17 years in Century village. Needless to say, they excel at what they do.

Let the humble setting not fool you, 17 years of experience in making the same thing over and over again means you get to enjoy Sushi that is really remarkable.

The team is comprised of a Sri Lankan head Chef who is as old as the restaurant and a friendly bunch many of who have been working here for a very long time.

What we had
We started off with some light beverage to set the tone for the evening and progressed with some appetisers - Vegetable and Prawn Tempura, before the main course.    The tempura was well prepared and tasted yummy, setting the perfect appetite to try the main event.

The Main event

Sushi & Sachimi
Our Sushi & Sachimi platter came with the Chef’s special Volacano Roll, Crunchy California, California, Tuna Sachimi, Salmon Sachimi, Crab Sachimi and Cuttle Fish Sachimi.  Each of the Sushi were wrapped well, presented artistically and tasted perfectly well. It showed the efforts put by the chef and his team into crafting each and every piece.  We also tried Aftershock Roll, Salmon Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Prawn Sushi, Prawn calamari and Tempura.

Japanese Fried Rice
While we were already surfeit after the sushi indulgence, due to the restaurant managers insistence we tried their Japanese Fried Rice. It is one of the most delicious fried rice I’ve eaten in recent times. Definitely stand out dish like the rest of the fare at Sushi Sushi.

To wash down the indulgence we went for a host of desserts including Mochi, Crème Brulee, Green Tea and Ginger Ice cream.

Mochi was delicious and the other guests with us too appreciated it much.

Crème Brulee is more like a Sri Lankan dessert of choice as I’ve seen many of my Sri Lankan friends bragging about their love for this dessert. Sushi Sushi with all its Srilankan Culinary team makes really good Crème Brulee.

Green tea and Ginger Ice Cream : I’ve never tried it anywhere else before and for the first time, it was absolutely love at first bite.

Overall Sushi Sushi is a great laid back restaurant in Century Village to enjoy delicious sushi and some beverages on a weekend. The chilled out vibe, vibrant outdoor with flowing water and chalet is definitely a bonus point The relaxed interior is reminiscent of good old styled Japanese restaurant. They even have some props and hand painted posters that have been on their walls for two decades.
Sushi Sushi is really worth checking out!

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