A real taste of Peru in Dubai at Highway 311, JLT

Set up by an Emirati entrepreneur on the promenade level of the MAG 214 tower at JLT, Highway311 serves amazing grills and BBQ tastes and flavours from around the world to the food lovers of Dubai. Their menu featuring the grills and BBQ dishes have been inspired by the classics, yet are inventive and packed with fresh flavours and subtle aromas.

Blogliterati.com were invited for a review last week and we did enjoy some fine delicacies from the Peruvian region. With the limited number of Peruvian restaurants in Dubai and scant availability of Peruvian spices, getting to taste authentic Peruvian food is a difficult if not impossible task.  Thanks to restaurants like 311, who import all their spices and condiments directly from Peru – one can get to taste authentic Peruvian food like how the Peruvians would eat it.

What we had

In the drinks
We started off with a glass of Strawberry Mojito and Pina Colada. Both apt and to the point without unnecessary sweetness or embellishments. The taste was pure and spot on. The cost too was reasonable.

Expressway (Cold Appetizers)
We then went on to try their expressway cold appetizers. We ordered Quinoa Salad and Guacamole.
Quinoa Salad bowl contained white and red quinoa mixed with cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, capsicums, mushrooms, cucumbers, onions and baby spinach leaves and over all this came topped fresh avocado slices. We had the choice of going for the house dressing or honey balsamic vinaigrette. We went for the former.

Guacamole had fresh Mexican avocados mixed with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime. It tasted fresh as it had been prepared on order and this was sided with crunchy nachos.

Freeway (Hot Appetizers)
In the hot appetizers we had Veg Nachos and Mangolian sesame wings.

Mangolian sesame wings, I was told is their most popular appetizer so I ordered it. No regrets at all. 6 pieces of absolutely yummy, sticky and juicy wings came topped with a sweet sauce and sesame seeds. The 311 special wings come in 6 pieces for 30 Dhs and 8 Pieces for 35. It is served with a sauce of the guests choice.

Veg Nachos
The Tortilla chips came with chili con carne, beans, jalapenos and was topped with melted cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream to add that hint of flavour.  Found it really good and filling.

Main course

Now on to the main course, we had Tiger Prawns, Lamb Chops and Lomo Saltado.

Tiger Prawns: They were really huge, king sized, looked tantalizing, tasted lip-smacking.

Lamb Chops : Four large pieces of tender lamb chops, grilled to perfection were served along with French fries and two side dips. It was tasty and just perfect.

Lomo Saltado: The Lomo Saltado was an equally tasty Peruvian - Cantonese fusion made with beef tenderloin stir - fry, onions, tomatoes, spring onions and served with a side of rice. Guests could also choose noodles, if they don’t prefer rice. This dish was lit and my favourite among the dishes tasted during the review.

In desserts we tried Crema Volteada De Quinoa – the popular caramel custard variation with a unique Peruvian treatment. What makes it really unique is the ingredient used. We were little surprised to learn that this cake was made of Quinoa, or which actually originated in Peru and was called “the mother grain” by the Incas.

The Chocolate cake was pretty good. Both these desserts priced at around AED 12 to 14 each were totally worth it.

We washed it all down with a glass of Chicha Morada - a classic Peruvian version mocktail of purple corn.  

Disclaimer / Voluntary Disclosure
This review was courtesy of Highway 311, Dubai. Though the food was complimentary, all photos, views and opinions are our own, as always. The restaurant had no influence on the content of this article. There is no form of cooperation between us, and I am NOT obliged to publish anything. I have not received any monetary payment in lieu of this review. All images used are courtesy of Blogliterati.com, unless stated otherwise. The images may not be reproduced without explicit permission/consent from the site owner.

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