A BBQ Connoisseurs perfect retreat

Me and my dining companion decided to celebrate friendship day with some smokey meat courtesy Blacksmith. We indeed had a lovely time there. First thing I have to note is the service. It was very pleasant and consistent throughout our visit. Commendable job by waitresses Jacqueline and lily over there, particularly Jacqueline.  

We decided to keep away from alcohol but instead indulge in their very minimal but careful selection of juice and mocktails.

We started off with Cucumber mojito and Mango Strawberry Hawaiian. The cucumber was remarkable and my dining partner who ordered the Hawaiian shared similar sentiments. In starters we had their signature Smoked chili rubbed wings with ranch sauce. It was literally what the menu promised-  smokey, sticky, sweet spicy mild and savoury - all you would want from a wing. 

We also tried Armadillo eggs - big bite size fresh ground beef nice and crispy on the outside thanks to the sweet ancho chili rub dusted on it and luscious on the inside with perfectly ground beef.

In the main course my dining partner went for BBQ Beef short ribs as it was his favourite. I went for BBQ Apricot duck breast, for a change, thought I am a fan of short ribs too.

Thankfully my dining partner was kind enough to share a large chunk of his short rib. It was first off very luscious, tender and delightful thanks to the low and slow cooking for 14 hours with a salty and peppery rich crest bark. Drizzled with white smith barbeque sauce – the ribs were served with beans and coleslaw. You could also opt for French fries instead of beans.

Now for the duck, it was not as soft as I would have expected from smoked duck, however it was still palatable. The marination of the sauce was perfect and it was delicious. Just that I would have expected it to be extremely tender. The waitress informed me that it was slow cooked for 3 hours based on that I ordered, however she later apologized for the mistake and accepted that it was a slight error on her part.  She was also kind enough to offer to replace with another dish of my choice, however we were already full by then.  Her good gesture made up for it.

In desserts, we shared a Flaming Jack Daniels peckan pie. It was indeed oozing whiskey flavour and the fire added on to the drama. It was totally delectable and highly recommended dish in the desserts for non-Muslims.

The juices were all remarkable. Service quite prompt, pleasant, present but non intrusive. Ambiance is just perfect for a weekend catch up with friends over jugs of beer or peppy cocktails and great smoked meat not to forget the American rock music in the backdrop and the mood lighting to set the moods right. 

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