Enjoy authentic Mumbai Street food at Bombay Times Restaurant, Bur Dubai

We were strolling by the busy and crowded Meena Bazar area of Bur Dubai, looking to take a break in one of the very many Indian restaurants there. While we entered one of the streets, we chanced to see a bright red board with visible mumbai markings on it. The board read Bombay Times and we saw quite a line up of people queuing outside for the pani puri. We were so much craving for some vada pav and pav bhaji for a long time so we decided to hop in.

Luckily there was an empty table for us.  A visit to a mumbai chat spot is never complete without Pani Puri. So, we decided to enjoy the pani pudi street style straight from the pot and queued up outside along with the others.  The Pani Puri was certainly brilliant with an authentic mumbai touch. Very rarely can you find such pudis here in Dubai that have the original mumbai taste. So full points for that and a good start to our dinner. 

Then I tried their Sev Dahi Puri.. Full of crispy goodness and loads of anar seeds (pomegranate), it tasted just amazing. Its one of my favourite dishes ever and Bombay times has made me love it even more. 

We then went for Pav Bhaji which was equally authentic and delicious. The pav are freshly bought from the nearby bakeries and the Bhaji was flavorful and nice. The Pav Bhaji came with all its trimmings.  4/5

We then had the famous Vada Pav, which was certainly bigger than any Vada Pav we'd tasted in Dubai. Bombay Times has two versions of Vada Pav - one regular and the other Jumbo. One Jumbo sized Vadapav is enough to fill any normal persons stomach. 

On top of these indulgences, we also tried some aloo ka paratha, which was made in very good quality atta floor instead of Maida which is usually what parathas are made out of and not good for the stomach on regular consumption. Its interesting to see that hoteliers are moving  away from unhealthy options.

We downed all this with delicious and fresh mango and saffron lassi. The consistency of the lassi was quite appreciated as we usually end up drinking either quite watery or quite thick lassi. Bombay times knows the consistency that is right and appreciated by all.

We also tried their famous Jini Dosa which was packed with flavorful condiments and topped with loads of cheese. 

Quite filled by our dining eatathon, we left with a promise to check this place out again, if ever we go by that street in future. 

If you want to enjoy authentic mumbai tastes then this place is a definite go. Just don't go there expecting a star class ambiance or seating. Its typical Mumbai style shack with the real soul food. 

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