Poke & Co - the indisputable leader of poke bowls in UAE

Every once in a while, when guilt dominates and craving for something natural and healthy strikes, I end up in one or the other Poke outlets in Dubai to have a bowlful of goodness to rest my guilt inducing demons.

Yes, that's the life of a food blogger in Dubai. Wine and cheese as dinner on one night, italian the other, then mexican, chinese, throw in some new indian brand... with so much of different types of food going into the belly, its important sometimes to strike a balance.

And so today I invited a friend and her teenage daughter over lunch. Not the traditional lunch but a healthy lunch at Poke & Co. Being new to Poke, they both were definitely excited and ever eager to see what is in store. And enjoy - they definitely did!

The place was super busy and we could see over a dozen delivery boys.. right form the deliveroo to the uber eats, zomato and talabats lining up to pick up their clients orders. Despite this busy hour, the staff were super quick and nice and took care of us dining customers well.

We were serviced by waitress carla who was pleasant and friendly. She presented us with the menu tablet so it was easy to see how our bowls would look like before ordering.  I went for Aloha bowl - their signature poke bowl as I was recommended that by Carla. My dining partner customized her bowl and her teenage daughter went for Pokerrito Big Island Burrito (with Nori Wrap).

My aloha bowl was a veritable melange of Salmon, light ponzu sauce, red onion, edamame, cherry tomatoes, seaweed salad, mango, avocado, sesame seeds, chilli flakes and ginger. In short - bowl of healthy goodness.  I had their signature rice as a base. Some calories dont hurt as you are balancing it with so much of fresh veggies.  The aloha bowl was delicious, fresh, and healthy and gets my full 5/5 for taste and freshness.  Hands down the best poke bowl i tried in recent times.

My dining partners Pokerrito Big Island Burrito was a gigantic wrap stuffed with raw salmon, raw tuna, sesame ponzu sauce, edamame, red onions, jalapeno, avocado, mango, seaweed salad, furikake, ginger and wasabi.  "It feels like one one big sushi" she describes it and seeing the joy in her eyes, I knew i brought her to the right place. I learnt from her mother, my friend that she is indeed a big sushi lover.  She super loved it.

In drinks we went for fresh coconut water. They sell it at AED 19. I was impressed seeing their arsenal of healthy juices, beverages and fresh drinks on their shelves. You can go and pick whatever drink you fancy from the shelves. My dining companion who is a fijian was thrilled seeing the Fiji water so she went for it and her daughter enjoyed Green Machine - a blend of pineapple, apple, spinach, kale, avocado, lemon. How much more healthy could it get?!

My friend remarked that her daughter ate as much fresh vegetables and fruits at Poke and Co as she would have consumed over one week.  That's a happy mother right there.

Finally in desserts, instead of the usual sugary desserts, we decided to go for an acai bowl and it was one of the best decisions of this afternoon. Hands down one of the best ever acai bowls in Dubai. It was yummy, fresh and something like we never enjoyed before. 5/5 for Acai at Poke and Co.

Washed it all down with some cold brew coffee instead of sugary beverage and it made sense. The coffee costed 17 for a small can which i think is a little high and poke and co should consider reducing.

Overall an afternoon well spent and feeling totally guiltless amidst a week of eating a lot of junk food.

Service was pleasant and fast and despite the busy disposition we were not neglected. All credits to Carla for that. She was also kind enough to have our coconut shell diced after we consumed the juice so we could eat the tender coconut in there.

This is where i would head to when a craving for healthy hits again! Thank you Poke and company for the good service and great food.

Poke and Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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