Piadèra – Authentic Italian Flatbread Restaurant in Dubai

One can never really tire of good food, especially if the food in question is one that has conquered taste buds around the globe. Despite a full week of back-to-back reviewing Italian restaurants across town, when I got an invite to review Piadera - the Authentic Italian Flat Bread restaurant in Dubai, I gladly accepted it.

Who can say no to Italian food?! With its zesty tomato sauces, cheesy risottos, and the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is arguably among the most crowd-pleasing comfort food in the world.

The brand history
It all started on the coast of the Romagna Riviera of Italy, where a beautiful young lady by name Norina was vigorously crafting the piada flatbread dough by hand. Struck by her sight, a foreigner called her “piadera”, the femmine and dialect name for a piada maker.  Today Piadera is a global brand, known widely for its authentic Italian flatbread and exported all over the world as a light and quick alternative to a sandwich and pizza.

The Piada Flatbread
The Piada Flatbread is one of the most popular recipes of Italian cuisine, It consists of a thin layer of wheat flour, filled with traditional and creative ingredients, with premium halal meat, vegetables freshly picked from the field, tasty cheeses and even chocolate.

The Food
We were invited to review the Piadera outlet at Binary Towers in Business Bay - a relatively smaller outlet manned by a single Filipino waiter who was very friendly and welcoming. He suggested that we start off with the drink of the day, which was a refreshing glass of melon mocktail.   A little under the weather, my dining partner chose to have a hot latte, instead, which was well-prepared.

In salads we had Quinoa and Caesar Salad.

Quinoa Salad - The quinoa salad was fresh, flavorsome and delicious. The Quinoa came on a throne of fresh radicchio and rocket leaves and garnished with cucumbers, onion and tomato.

Caesar Salad – This widely preferred American salad came with a very Italian treatment with inclusion of Parmesan Cheese in it. It had chefs special grilled chicken, fresh romaine lettuce, crispy croutons and was dressed in a very flavorful Caesar dressing.

For the main course, we went for Spicy Indian Piada and Sicily

Spicy Indian Piada
Most probably fashioned for the Indian palate, Spicy Indian Piada came with Chicken curry, tomatos, onion, cucumber and chili sauce in homemade bread. I chose the regular bread instead of the flatbread and it was not a wrong decision. It was delicious and quite filling.

Sicily came with grilled egg plants, zucchini and capsicum, fresh onions and Parmesan & truffle sauce. It tasted fresh and good.

In desserts we tried Tenerina Chocolate Cake, Apple Cake, and Tiramisu.

Tenerina Chocolate Cake – Famous for being soft inside and hard outside, the Tenerina Chocolate cake tasted quite like a chocolate brownie except that it was way better in taste and presentation.

Apple Cake – The Apple cake was prepared in truly Italian style with fresh apples and the chefs lemon magic.

Tiramisu – A Veneto born delicious dessert with chefs mascarpone cream, lady fingers and Italian coffee. This dessert was as good as having Italian coffee!

All the deserts tasted scrumptious however my personal favourite was the Apple cake. What tied them all together is the beautiful presentation by our friendly waiter.

The venue is small and has interesting and quirky italian themed decor, wall paintings and lighting. Additional tables outside can accommodate groups, however I see it as a good takeaway option for those that may be passing that way or good dine in space for them that are working closeby.

A light and quick alternative to a sandwich and pizza, if you're seeking comfort food before rushing off to a meeting in the bay side of town, this place is really worth checking out.

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